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Reunion Concert Testimonials (in no particular order)

Don Harder:
We are so happy we made it. The show was outstanding -- well performed, well paced, and a fun combination of 'classic' and new music. You, Des, Frank and Rich really connected, with each other and with the audience. We are also enjoying the CD, it's amazing you managed to squeeze that project in too! All our best to the boys in the band, we'll look forward to seeing you again soon.

Joanna DiCerbo:
There is a "Banana Moon" tonight!!!!

Tom Canning:
We had a good time last night at the concert. You looked like you were having a good night.

Linda Conroy:
Great night!.Great pictures, Great Memory! Glad I was there. You all were wonderful.

Michael McKasty:
Interesting and creative material wonderfully performed by all four lads. The care and hard work that went into it was abundantly evident . You got loose and had fun and the time for back slapping is now. Then get some well earned sleep.

Ginnie Casey Coleman:
Okay - so I can't get Silly, Silly Girl out of my head! Loved the show - music was awesome.\

Kathleen O'Donnell:
Great show! You guys were amazing!

Glenn Mohr:
I'm thrilled I remembered all the words!

Eilish Fusto:
WOW! WOW! WOW! Flamingo Road rocked last night. I expected you would be great, but you were all amazing; you sounded as if you were all still together after all these years. My congratulations, I really loved it.

Joan Chiraz:
You guys were always really good.. but you were never as good as you were tonight…I know, I was there from the beginning.

Patty Hughes:
Great show last night! Congrats to you and the band! It was like you've been playing together for the last 31 years; the band chemistry is so there!

Diane Berrios:
Great job. well done. you guys rocked the house. had a fantastic time.

Lucy Gaeta Ostermann:
...Terrific performance. I can still sing the lyrics!!!

Jim McDermott:
We had such a great time, the positive energy you guys put out on that stage was incredible. I couldn't get over what a great frontman you are, Glenn - really wish I had gotten to see you guys back in the day. That 12 string Fender sounded incredible - I bought a CD and I'm really enjoying it. Quite a few songs in the set really got us going.

David Rayna:
It was great getting to hear the band. Rita & I were dancing in our seats. I never realized that you had such a following. And I loved that Flamingo Road movie trailer - great job.

Mike Boals:
We had a great time and you guys sounded great.

Frank McDonald:
When it was over, I wished it was just the first concert of a reunion tour.

Jimmy Lemmo:
...It reminded me when I was 18 and watching you guys play at CBGB's or Gildersleeves. You were excellent and the band sounded great. Glenn still has alot of energy and Desi played and sang well. Frank was really good too. You guys came together well. I enjoyed the show. The 3 young guys before you were really good also. The bongo number was cool. Nice!!!!!!!!! -

Jack and Kathy McCarthy:
Had a great time on Saturday night. You would never know you had so few practices - you guys were so tight. -

Cara Mancini:
You guys were great and it was our pleasure to come see you play. I am loving the CD!!

Maggie and Brion Kenzie:
Thanks for a fun night

Holly Chiraz:
You guys put on a great show and I'm real glad I got to see Flamingo Road. Very tight and dynamic, and funny. Did the band have a hand in picking out the pre-show music? That was cool. Also the Flamingo Road 'featurette' right before you came on stage was hilarious! Thanks again, and keep enjoying the glow!

Vicki and Ed Strype:
Really enjoyed the show... Thanks for the invite.

Ed Ryan:
Thanks for the great time. Eclectic, electric and eccentric. I love watching a band that enjoys themselves. Great energy spirit and tight. So nice to see the joy.

Perry Musich:
Wouldn't have missed it for the world, you guys were THE BOMB!!!! -

JC Greco:
I thought it was great to get up there in front of everyone especially after all these years. At times you guys sounded like Elvis Costello. And that one song had a Jimmy Buffet feel. And at one point I thought I sensed an old school Springsteen sound too. Also cool that the guys switched between instruments. I know my Aunt Annie had it cranked up high up there.

Connie Midnite:
Thanks. We're looking forward to the next show. Hopefully the CD will get into the right hands and you guys will get the recognition you deserve.

Rich Chiraz:
"...we pulled it off."

Marlene Mancini:
It was a pleasure to see the band. You are all so talented. I hope you continue to perform and we'll get a chance to see you again - definitely before another 31 years! We have your CD and will be listening to it.

Camille DeProssino Nadel:
It was really a great show. You guys are really good. Think of me when you have your next show too!

Robbie Midnite:
Just got back from the FR show and did they rock!

Des Burke:
Did we actually do that? I'm so proud of this band. Wow - who'da thunk!

Rebecca Chiraz:
Your songs are still going through my head! Just got around to putting a new batch of songs on my phone (including "This Changing Town") and am excited to give the CD many more listens on the go! Thanks for sharing your great music, and congratulations again on all of your amazing work!!!!

Cheryl Sica:
Wow! Looks like it was a blast. Des- Great job on the new web page. I watched all the videos and felt like I was there. Great way to start off my morning- Good cup of java with great music.

Feng Hu:
Silly Silly Girl was my favorite and Man, the "Theme Song" - what a Joy ! I had a really good time watching you play and grow older throughout the years. Best Luck to all four of you ! ! !

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