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About the Band

"There's a Flamingo Road in every town." Those words launched the 1949 movie "Flamingo Road", starring Joan Crawford. It's a tale of those who fight to retain their affluent position on this avenue and of those who will do anything to achieve this status. This theme was all too familiar to the "glittering world" of entertainment especially in the late '70s and early '80s. With these thoughts in mind, a band of musicians from New York chose the name "Flamingo Road" and played their own style of original music hoping to achieve their own place, if you will, on Flamingo Road.

Founding members Glenn Mohr (vocals, guitar and piano) and Frank McDonald (bass and vocals), after countless auditions and personnel changes, found the right combination musically and personally with Rich Chiraz (drums), and Des Burke (guitar, keyboards and vocals).

The group traced it's primary influences to the "art school" groups of the original British invasion. Bands like The Kinks, The Beatles, The Stones, and Manfred Mann who created innovative music within a three minute song. According to singer-composer Glenn Mohr, songs like ELOUISA, WHERE DO WE GO? and SURVIVOR are examples of the band's desire to recapture the melodic rock single which was often overshadowed in the age of disco and coliseum rock.

Glenn states that the band tried to do more that just present music to their audience. "Naturally we wanted to entertain and some songs were really funny, but others like the JACK THE RIPPER medley told a story. We felt the best bands created various moods and feelings and brought their audience to several places."

And then there's their humorous side. One of their harder rockers, SISTER MARY ROBESPIERRE, is a lighthearted look at the Catholic school system, an institution that each member knew intimately. They were also not opposed to using props, or gags on occasion. Sometimes they even used "punk" names as an attempt to be more accepted by the underground rock community at the time. Glenn was Rex Havoc, Franks was Risk Fortune, Rich was Ricky Midnight and Des was Slash Homicide.
According to Rich, "Being able to parody the situation was not only fun but therapeutic too."

Now that the members have reconnected, played a reunion concert and cut a CD, it seemed fitting to put this website together to carry on their presence and pay tribute to some very special times. According to Des, "Thirty years just disappeared. The music felt and sounded so comfortable." Frank added, "It was a lot of fun to remember how well written and arranged these songs really were".

This reunion has also inspired new songs like "This Changing Town" which was the title cut of their first CD since the reunion. One thing is certain. The band lives on and there may still be time for these guys to find their own place on "Flamingo Road".

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